Lancering RLD Platform

Businesswoman Rahma el Mouden launches Platform Lef en Dromen

  • Goal: more equal opportunities for everyone, breaking through glass ceilings;
  • Platform RLD makes connections between top business and government and mentees;
  • Ali B and Jacqueline Prins at online launch on May 25, 2021.

AMSTERDAM - Businesswoman Rahma el Mouden, founder of MAS Service Providers, will launch the Rahma RLD platform Lef en Dromen on Monday, May 25, 2021. Together with rapper Ali B and the general secretary of the Social and Economic Council, Jacqueline Prins, the starting signal is given in a livestream meeting for the RLD platform that aims to link top people from the business world and the government as mentors to successful professionals. who want to develop.

The new platform aims to help break through glass ceilings by building connections between mentors and mentees, expanding both worlds. Rahma el Mouden: ,,The ideal is that everyone in the Netherlands gets equal opportunities, regardless of your background and your orientation. With a good education you can develop your full potential and hard work will get you where you need to be when you are seen and given opportunities.' For many women and men it is still difficult to realize their dream jobs and make them visible. be at the top. This is especially difficult for people with a bi-cultural background. RLD wants to contribute to reduce this difference by linking experienced people from the business world and the government as mentors to candidates who can participate after selection.

According to initiator Rahma el Mouden, the flow to the top is not going fast enough. A number of renowned companies have pledged to participate in the RLD initiative. 'Together with all partners and mentors, we want to make a difference. We can only be successful if we work together and use each other's knowledge and skills. There is nothing wrong or right if we want to make the change to see no difference between men and women. We all have to start with that today.'

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